A Dietitian’s Overview of Infant Formula Milks for Use From Birth Onwards

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 12:10 - 13:10

Breast milk provides the optimal nutrition for infants. However, when infant formula is used, either in conjunction or in place of breast milk, it is important that families are supported in feeding their baby. The current market has an ever increasing range of available infant formulas. This presentation offers an overview of the types of formula milks that parents can buy and which are marketed as suitable from birth. The range of formula milks will be examined rather than individual brands, with the aim of increasing understanding so that parental questions can be answered and practical support offered effectively. This includes: hungry baby, organic, plant-based, goats’ milk, A2 and first formulas. There will also be an overview of formula used for special medical purposes such as comfort, anti-reflux and lactose free formulas.

Louise Calland, Paediatric Dietitian